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 fishmonger->someone who sell fish.*drummer->someone who plays a drum *plump->the sound of a sudden heavy fall *midwife-> woman skilled in aiding the delivery of babies *finish line-> line indicating the location of the finish of a race*spoon ->piece of cutlery with a shallow bowl-shaped container and a handle; used to stir or serve or take up food *grocer-> retail merchant who sells foodstuffs (and some household supplies)*luggage-> a case used to carry belongings when travelingsandal-> shoe consisting of a sole fastened by straps to the foot.A.Hello,Peter.how are you?.B.fine,thanks.how are you?A.i´m fine,thank you.B.goodbye.A.goodbye,Peter.See you tomorrow!B.bye,bye,janet.have a nice evening.A.thanks,you too!?A.what do you do,jane?B.well,i am an engineer.A.oh,are you?Band what aout you,john.A.i work for iberia.B.oh,do you??A.excuse me.can you tell me the time,please?B.yes, of course.It´s a six o´clock.A.thank you.B.no problem.?A.what time is it?B.it´s half past three.A.thanks.B.you´re welcome.?A.what´s today´s date?B.today is december 15,2006A.when were you born?B.i was born on October 21,1982.?A.can i help you?.B.yes ,i´m looking for a sweater.A.what size are you?B.i´m extra large.A.how about this one?B.yes,that´s nice.can I try it on?A.certainly,there are changing rooms over there.B.thank you.?A.good morning.may I have your ticket,please?B.here you are.A.thank you.would you like smoking or non-smoking?B.non smoking,please.A.would you like a window or an aisle seat?B.an aisle seat,thank you.A.do you have any baggage to check?B.yes,this suitcase and this bag is carry-on.A.here´s your boarding pass.Have a nice flight.B.thank you?A.good morning.Can I see your passport?B.here you are.A.thank you very much.Bussiness or pleasure?B.i´m a tourist.A.have a good trip.B.thank you.?A.hello.my name´s lolo.what´s your name?B.pedro.A.nice to meet you pedro.where are you from.B.i´m fron badajoz.and where are you from?A.i´m from torino.so are you spanish?B.yes,you are italian?A.yes.B.you speak english very well.A.thank you!B.do you speak any other languages?A.yes,i speak french,and you?B.i speak german.


?A.excuse me.is there a supermarket near there?B.yes.A.how do I get there?B.at the traffic lights,take the first left and go straight.it´s on the left.A.is it far?B.not really.A.thank you.B.no problem.?A.excuse me.is there a bank near here?B.yes,there is a bank on the corner.A.thank you.B.you´re welcome.?A.hello,can I help you?B.yes,I´d like to have some lunch.Can I see the menu?A.would you like an appetizer?B.i´d like a bowl of chicken soup,please.A.anda what would like for a main course?B.i´d like a grilled cheese sandwich.A.would you like anything to drink?B.yes,a coke,please.A.can I bring you anything else?B.thank you.just the cheque.A.certainly.B.so,how much is it?A.8,75€B.here you are.thank you.it was great!A.thank you!have a good day.B.same to you.?A.you´re in great shape Keith.do you work out at a gym?B.yes,i do.I´m a real fitness freak.Aso,how often do you work out?B.well, i do aerobics every day after work,and then play racquetball.A i like racquetball,too.B oh,do you want to play with me?A.how well do you play?B.pretty well,i guess.A.well,all right.But i´m not very good.B.no problem.I won´t play too hard.MPARATIVOS?IGUALDAD; afirmativo AS+adjective+AS // tan +adjetivo+como?NEGATIVO; NOT AS+ adjective + AS // NO TAN + adjetivo + como
superioridad;?hasta 2 silabas; adjetivo + ER + THAN // MAS + adjetivo + QUE,mas de 2 silabas; MORE+ adjetivo + than // mas+ adjetivo + que,inferioridad; se antepone LESS + adj + than?SUPERLATIVOS,monosilabos y bisilabos añaden terminacion -est,los polisilabos anteponen the most ,superlativo de inferioridad se forma añadiendo the least?pronombres interrogativoswhat?-que? where?-donde? who?-quien o quienes?how?-como?why?-porque?when?-cuando??pronombres demostrativos,this-este,esta,esto,that-ese,esa,eso,aquella,aquello,aquel.,these-estos,estas,those-esos,esas,aquellos,aquellas ?adjetivos posesivosmy -mi,your -tu
his -su,de el,her -su,de ella,its -su,de ello,our -nuestro,your -vuestro,their -su,de ellos?Reported Speech:do-He said -ed,is/are -ing-was/were -ing have broken/sent you/had stolen-had broken has been -ing/were -ing-had been -ing,will go-would go will have /would /would have-would have -ed can-could must-had to may-might
He asked if I had/how long,He ordered me to,today-that day here-there now-then this-that these-those tonight-that night tomorrow-the following day yesterday-the day before?activa/pasiva:I-me he-him she-her we-us they-them writes-is written is writing-is being written wrote-was written has/had written-has/had been written is going to write-is going to be written will/can write-will/can be written.

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