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Advervios de frecuencia:
Always: Siempre Almost-Always: Casi siempre
Usually: Usualmente Very often: Muy a menudo
Often: A menudo Sometimes: Algunas veces
Occasionally: Ocasionalmente Seldom: Rara vez
Hardly-ever:Casi nunca Never: Nunca.
Extreme and moderate adjetives:
Gorgeus: Very beautiful Awful: Very bad
Amazing: Very surprising Brilliant: Very good
Fasanating: Very interesting Hilarious: Very funny
Pathetic: Very bad Ridiculous: Very silly
Terrible: Very bad Thrilling: Very exciting
Fantastic: Very good.
En americano y en inglés:
Movie: Film Take: Have Cookies: Biscuits
Cell-phone: Mobile-phone Apartament:Flat
Subway: Underground Line: Queue Bill: Note
Pants: Trousers Way: Much Trashcan: Dustbin
Garbage: Rubbish truck: Lorry Cop: Police office
Purse: Handbag Gasoline: Petrol Candy: Sweet
Sidewalk: Pavement.
Make up: Invent a story or excuse
Go up: Rise or get high
Pick up: Collect someone
Cheer up: Make or become happy
Hurry up: Do something faster or go more quickly
Turn up: Arrive late or unexpectedly.
Break up: Finish a relationship.
Put up with: Tolerate.
Los linkers:
But: Pero Furthermore:Ade + For instance:Por ejemplo
Also: También Although: Aunque And: Y
In conclusion: En conclusión However: Sin embargo
In my opinion: En mi opinión.

Long-lasting Portuguese-speaking Good-looking
Record-breaking Heart-breaking Hard-working

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