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A great deal of: a large quantity of


A host of: large amounts of


Confirm: prove


Disposable income: money which is not needed for essentials (food, rents, bills, etc)


Insufficient: not enough


Pursuits: activities


Range: variety


Tend to: be likely to do something


Rationed: limited, reduce


Shriveled: smaller


Vacationers: people in holidays


Simultaneously: something at the same time


Congestion: too many of something


Abandoned: left alone


Flippers: long shoes made of rubber


Phenomenon: something unusual


Breached: an act of breaking a law


Succumbing to: to lose the determination to oppose sth


Decades: 10 years


outlets: shops
immutable: unable to be changed


stalled: position


turnover: result


palate: the top part of the inside of the mouth


launched: to being something


purists anguish


bullish: like a bull


cutting a deal: to sign


tap into: to obtain or make use of sth


gourmets: person who knows a lot about food and cooking


field trip visit made by students to study sth away their school


ambience: the character of a place or the quality it seem to have


appalling: terrible


congestion: traffic jam


disincentive: not to do something


revive: bring back to live


restricted: not avoid


road contractors: people who build roads


quote: to be in chard for doing a piece of work


initiatives: new action to solve problems


traffic arteries: important streets, main streets


radical: completely different, extreme


seizing up: to stop been able to move or work in normal way






equipped with: have sth


volumes: text or boots


on loan: a boot for time and to return it


counseling: orientador


appropriate career: suitable career


school policy: school rules


self-catering: food, provide you of food


logic: reasons


nuisance: something which annoys or causes problems


farewell: say goodbye


mayhem: confused situation


grappling with: sing an agreement


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