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MAXIMISING’ PARENTS”1) Why are many children so busy?
BECAUSE PARENTS ENROLL THEM IN MANY EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES WHERE THEY SPEND A LOT OF TIME.2) Do these courses provide everything children need to succeed? Why?
NO THEY DON’T. BECAUSE THEY ALSO NEED LOVE AND AFFECTION PLUS SOME INNATE ABILITY.3) Enrolling in many courses only has negative consequences for children.
FALSE: THIS WILL ALL MAKE YOUR CHILDREN DO BETTER IN SCHOOL! WELL, IT MIGHT OR IT MIGHT NOT. (line 2)4) Children learn more easily than adults..
TRUE: CERTAIN ENJOYABLE ACTIVITIES ARE VERY DIFFICULT TO PICK UP AS AN ADULT, AND THESE ARE WORTH LEARNING WHEN YOUNG. (line 7).5) It is useful to consider children’s opinions rather than forcing them to register for extra activities.TRUE: IT IS POINTLESS TO PUSH CHILDREN WHERE THEY DON’T WANT TO GO. (lines 8-9).6) Innate abilities are necessary to become masters in most fields.TRUE: MOZARTS ARE BORN, NOT MADE. (line 11).7) Find in the text one synonym for ROBOT (noun) AUTOMATON(S) (line 3) 8) Find in the text the word which has the following definition:
“highly trained or skilled” (adjective) ACCOMPLISHED (line 5) 9) Give one opposite for ENJOYABLE (adjective) (line 7).DISGUSTING, AWFUL, BORING, UNPLEASANT. 10) Give a noun with the same root as ACCEPT (verb) (line 12) ACCEPTANCE. 11) Fill in the gap with a correct form of the verb in brackets.
Those trees (grow) GREW / HAVE GROWN so high that they block the view. 12) I was determined to develop my natural talent for music. I started to take lessons at an academy.SINCE / AS / BECAUSE I WAS DETERMINED TO DEVELOP MY NATURAL TALENT FOR MUSIC, (SO) ISTARTED TO TAKE LESSONS AT AN ACADEMY.13) If Mary had shown real passion for ballet, SHE WOULD HAPPILY HAVE GONE ALONG WITH IT.14)“It took Mozart only eighteen days to compose his last opera.”

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