Tom sawyer is a boy who lives in st

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I liked this adventure. Although already known if any other years in Spanish read, because is a classic reading, suitable for all audiences. Also because I like to narrate a shelf life of a boy, we see his adventure, it becomes easier to read.
In this book can also be read, that it is essential have well friendships in order to pass the hard moments (As poverty).

Personality Primary and Secondary:
Principal: Tom, Huck, Aunt Polly, Becky
Secondary: Offenders, Mom of Harper Advocate Thatcher, Sydney, Mary and others.

Tom, Huck, Aunt Polly, Becky
Tom: Tom sawyer is a very naughty boy and a liar, live in st peter .. At the home of his aunt (aunt polly) is poor.
Huckleberry Finn:Huck's friend of tom. And it is poor. Tom always accompanies all his adventures .
Polly:Polly is the aunt of tom . It is very strict but also she Tom loves .
Becky:are Girlfriend of Tom. In the book.

Tom Sawyer is a boy who lives in St. Petersburg next to the Mississippi River with his younger brother Sid, her cousin Mary and her aunt Polly. She is very strict with him. If a child is very naughty and liar. Because of some of these pranks, aunt Polly making it punishable paint the fence. He convinces with great shrewdness of his friends to paint the fence is a work of art, and therefore, paint them and he is a good boy and obedient.Tom knows a girl named Becky and falls in love with her. He and a couple of friends wanting to stay away from people decided to go to an island cercano.a cause of this whole people believed to have drowned and creating a fuss. All the people makes a burial and Tom realizing what happened decided to appear with his companions just wake of the day.
One day an adventure seen as killing one person and blame the borraxo of people but it was the Indian ethos. Tom declares at the Indian Joe escapes.Tom goes to a cave with Becky and lost for three days. The people are mobilized in order to rescue them, but in vain. Huck heard that ill wanted revenge for the widow of Judge Douglas (who sentenced him).
Huckleberry Finn is going to get help, and the murderers escaped, hiding in a cave. In the end, Tom and Huck returning to the cave, as the Indian Joe hid a treasure there, find him and are rich. The Indian Joe and his friends die in the cave because the sheriff closed the entrance to the cave.
Huckleberry Finn and Tom live a new life.

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