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PHRASAL VERBS:fill in(to complete)took on(to employ-contratar)take on(do more job that you can)take up(consium your time)put in(aply-proponerte pa el puesto)take over(absorb or buy a company)MADE:appointment,arragement,certain,complain,decision,diference,effort,experiment,fortune,mistake,money,plan,reserch,sense,suggestion,sure,the best of something,turn,up your mind.HAVE:appointment,break,day off,effect,experience,fortune,holiday,idea,job,money,plan,sense,some work,suggestion,cance,turns.TAKE:break,care(of),day off,decision,hloiday,job,money,part in something,chance,turn.DO:some work,someone a favour,housework,your best,your duty,your homework.DEFINITION:to drain(exhauted,be tired)to fundraise(colecting money)mind-numbing(very boring)fellow-ship(money you receive for your studies if you are good studiying)loan(money you recive from the goberment that you later have to return)likeminded(with the same interests)undertake(start to do)to deal with(handle-difficult to use)income(money you get)salary(money that you earnin a week)RELATIVE CLAUSES: who,which,whe why,where,whose,that(no comas despues d that)CAUSATIVE:mia tiempo dl verb de la frase,y segun como sea pones en ese tiempo have,had...+d lo q ablen(house)+verbo(painted)+lo q siga.

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