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bungee jumping/ hang-gliding/ kayaking/ parachuting/ mountaing biking/ rock-climbing/ rollerblading/ snowboarding/ water-skiing/ windsurfing/ get: receive-got/ buy-get/ become-gettinng/ bring-get/ arrive-got/ present perfect: have-I,You,WE,You,They has-she,he,it +participe watched/ just-she has just visites in the hospital/ dialogue: A)have you ever tried any adventure sports? B)Yes, i have. I've been bungee jumping.A)Where did you do that?B)in tunisia.A)What was it like?.B)it was reallly excitng.it was scary too!.A)i bet!I've never done any adventure sports,but i'd like to try snowboarding.B)Why?.A)I've seen it on TV.it loks great fun!

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