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3. Did you study yesterday?
Yes, I did. I studied Economy. / No, I didn’t. I was at the cinema.
4. Who was your best friend last year?
Andrea was my best friend last year.

6 How was your weekend?
It was very nice.
7 What did you do?
I met my friends.
8 Where did you go?
We went to the beach.
9 What was the weather like?
It was sunny and windy.Make questions for these statements 1. What did your friends do last night?They went to a disco last night.
2. What did Karen see at the cinema?She saw a science fiction movie
3. Where were Amelia and Charlie last week? They were at the university.
4. Did you like Claudia’s presentation?No, we didn’t
5. When did Louis take the exam?Louis took the exam yesterday.

i played a video game
you studied math
he waatched a movie
wanted to stay home
we cooked italian food
they chatted online

verbos irregulares

i bought a sweater
i had a piano lesson
i made a lot of phone calls
i saw three movies
i read a couple of books
i went to a party
i took an examen
i met someone interesting
i did a lot of work

did you go out a lot last week?
yes, i did. i went to a movie and a party
no, i didn't. i didn't go out a lot

did you play tennis last weekend?
yes, i did . i played tennis last sunday
no,i didn't. i didn't play tennis

1.What did you do last month?
I studied at University and I went to the cinema.
1. Where was your mother yesterday at 9 am?
She was at home.
2. Where did you live 2 years ago?
I lived in Santiago 2 years ago.

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