Reported Speech

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pass-will pass(posible)
studied-would pass
had studied-would have passed

Reported Speech:
do-He said -ed
is/are -ing-was/were -ing
have broken/sent you/had stolen-had broken
has been -ing/were -ing-had been -ing
will go-would go
will have /would /would have-would have -ed
can-could must-had to may-might
He asked if I had/how long
He ordered me to
today-that day here-there now-then this-that these-those
tonight-that night tomorrow-the following day yesterday-the day before

I-me he-him she-her we-us they-them
writes-is written
is writing-is being written
wrote-was written
has/had written-has/had been written
is going to write-is going to be written
will/can write-will/can be written(+)

modal verbs:
can-could-must-may-should-ought to

make the beed-do the exam-share out-do up-clean shave

as tall as-taller than/more expensive than-less tall than
the tallest/the most expensive-very very tall


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