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Relativo:defining.I saw the dog which has only three leegs.Non defining:Extremadura,where cherry trees grows,is a very warm region
Reported speech: noww-then,today-that day,yesterday-the day before,theday before yesterday-two days before,tomorrow-the next day,the day after tomorrow-in two days time,next week-the following week,last week-the previous week,a year ago-a year before. this-that, these-those. present simple-past simple,presentocontinuo-pasado conti,pas sim-pasperf,present perfect-pasad perfec,prese perfec continu-pas perf cont,pasado perfec,condicional y continuo no varian,futuro-condicional,fut con-cond cont,fut perf-cond compuesto. can-could may-might,must-had to,will-would,shall-should,coul might would should ought to- =.
1st conditional:mucha probabilidad: if(unless)+present simple-will+verbo(If you study hard you will pass your exam. 2nd:deseos,cosas no reales: If+past simple-would (o modales)+verb(if you helped me i would finish before 3rd:pasadoque nunca se realizo: if+past perfect-would (o modales)+have+verb ppio(If wehad caught a bus we would have been in time.
Pasiva: el cd se convierte en be+ppio.A song would be sung by me
May might probabilidad must obligacion musnt prohibicion

Pasado simple:algo que sucedio:I worked/I didnt work/Did i work?
Pasado continuo:algo estaba sucediendo:I was(wasnt) working/was i working?
Present perfect simple:empezo en el pasado y sigue:I have (havent) talked/Have i talked
Past perfect simple:accion que paso antes que otra: I had (hadnt) eaten/had i eaten?
Past perfect continuous:estaba pasando y se interrumpiohave been+verbo-ing
Present Perfect Continuous :estabasucediendo hasta ahora: I have/has been+verbo-ing
Present simple:rutinas o verdades generales:I go/i dont go/do i go?
present continuous:Im/is/are verbo-ing/I am not going/am i going?
Future simple:predicciones:i will(wont) stop
Future be going to:planes:I am going to+verbo
Future con present continuous: sucedera un plan seguro
Future perfect:algo habra sucedido en un momento: i will+have+participio
Future continuous:estara ocurriendo: I will(wont) be+verbo-ing

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