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REDAC FRIEND Roberto is a great person who knows the life. He is studying at the university. When we stay together we are very happy because we do things that we don't do if we were alone.
He is two years older than me, but he looks two years younger than me. He is of medium height and he likes going out on Saturday night until later like any teenager. So he is punished many times, but he doesn't worry for it, he goes out also. He has short, dark hair, but he has dyed it. He usually plays extreme sports in his free time and he loves running with his motorbike.
Roberto is a funny, intelligent and friendly teen. He enjoys doing heavy jokes and picks up with girls. He is so noisy; he never stops to talk about girls and motorbikes, I sometimes think that he doesn't think in another thing but I enjoy whit him.
famous people? Discuss.
Once in a while we see enthusiastic fans on television who are desperately waiting for their idols to appear. Whether in football training sessions, in concerts, airports, film premieres and suchlike, fans seem ready to do anything for their favourite stars.In my opinion, I regard this attitude as exaggerated and I think this is an overreaction of their feelings for their idols. I personally do not like seeing teenagers crying over famous people who they have not even met and who may even not be worth of their affection. I understand the fact that fans have a strong admiration for their idols but I do not share their frenzied adoration..

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