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Hi Sara?
How are you? This is the first time I write an email to you.
This week, I am exhausted,because I have done a lot of exams and homework.Yesterday, the holidays began.
I have never had a job,but this holidays I am going to work in my restaurant.It isn`t an easy job,because you have to stand all day.
Moreover,you have to understand many languages.It`s so difficult,especially English.
This holiday,I`m going to CHINA to visit my family and to see the country.Do you remember Peter,the boy we met at the beach? Well,he`s fallen in love with Anna.They are so happiy.But they often have arguments.
Anna always tells me her problems,poor girl!
Petter has decided to work,to earn money an buy her a ring.They want to get engaged,because they are almost 20 years old. My family is fine.My brother`s passed his exams and had good marks,except in English. My two sisters have had very good marks,all excellent.What have you been up to? How about in NORWAY?Do you like life in? In my town,the weather is very colf,but sometimes the sun comes out.We must get together soon.When are you coming to visit me again? I have to tell you many things about relationships,friends...
Say hello to your family from me.
Write soon with your news.

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