Present simple continuous and past continous

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Present simple- afirm.- i/you/we/they play. he/she /it plays. negatiu- i don't play. he doesn't play. Interro. - Do you play? Does he play? Yes, you do. yes, he does. no he don't, no, he doesnt.

Present continous- Afirm. i am reading. he is reading. you are reading. Negat.- i'm not reading. he isn't reading. you aren't reading. Interrog.- am i reading?. Is he reading?. are you reading?. Yes i am, yes he is, yes you are. Past simple- i watched. i didn't watch. did you watch? yes i did, no you didn't. igual per totes les persones.

like/hate/enjoy,etc + gerund- i enjoy shopping, i hate swimming. Subject and object questions- Who did you see at the weekend?, who did they say? who went to the party?

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