Present perfect

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Present Continuous

I'm speaking/I'm not speaking/Am I speaking?

Past simple(regular verbs)

I watched/I didn't watch/Did I watch?

Past simple(Irregulars verbs,2ª columna)

I went/I didn't go/Did I go?

Past Continuous

I was walking/I wasn't walking/Was I walking?Yes I was/No I wasn't.

Present perfect(3ª columna)

I've finished/I haven't finished/Have I finished?Yes I have/No I haven't.

Past perfect(3ª columna):

I'd had arrived/I hadn't arrived

Yet:Have they arrived yet?/They haven't arrived yet.

already:He has already left.

just:I've just finished my homework.

Will(para predicciones del futuro):They'll win the match/I won't win the lottery/will I play?Yes, I will/No I won't.

Be going to(planes de un futuro):We're going to see a film tonight/I'm not going to fly/Am 0 going to fly?No i'm not/yes I'm

Used to:I used to be in a pop group/I didn't used to like walk to school.

First conditional:If you go out, you'll be tired/If I don't go out, I won't be tired.

Second conditional(2ªcol):If I got up earlier, I would be on time/If i didn't study, I would be on time.

Thirt conditional:If I had worn a coat,I would have been warm/If I hadn't taken(3 colum) a compass, I wouldn't haver survived(3 colum)

Should(deberiamos=consejo):I should see a doctor/I souldn't be so rude.

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