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2.-And it's a goal for real... Sports shows
3. Eek! it's that craaazy ... Carton
4. these birds go to .... Nature show
5. i really like you ... Soap opera
6. the president is flying... News
7. horses are very important... documentary
8. this week, britney ... music show
9. tomorrow it will be... weather
10. use "blondie". Its the best... Commercial
11. you have 20 seconds to ... game show

b.- No, I (wasn't) .... (was)
a.- I know (Watched)
b.- (Did you like)
a.- yes. I really (liked) ... (Were)
b.- why (did you call)
a.- to tell you about the ... (Wanted)

1.- I was late for school yesterday . (B was)
2. did you see jade last ningth. (C did)
3. were dan and luke in the park (B Weren't)
4. Emma and alex ____ Sara's party (C Enjoyed)
5. joey _____ in the game last week (A didn't play)
6. _____ angry about the mess (B were they)
7. did the give you the message (B didn't)
8. what ________ at the movie thearter (A did you see)
9. ______ any new people at the gym (C were there)
10. ________ a good time at the beach (C did they have)
11. _____ you at the hospital yesterday (C were)

2.- how many people were there at julie's party yesterday?
3. did you enjoy the pancakes this morning?
4. we walked 25 kilometres last weekend?
5. they you all play very well in the game yesterday?
6. where was she at five o'clock?


commercial: comercial
documentary: documental
cartoon: dibujos animados
music show: programa de musica
nature show: programa de naturaleza
news: noticias
game show: programa de juegos
soap opera: teleserie
sport show: programa de deportes
weather: el tiempo
sitcom: comedia

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