Plosive sounds

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Plosive sounds: characterized by complete obstruction of the outgoing airstream by the articulators - a build up of intraoral air pressure y -a release: p: voiceless bilabial plosive, B: voiced bilabial plosive T: voiceless, alveolar, plosive D: voiced, alveolar, plosive. K: voiceless, velar, plosive G: voiced, velar, plosive. Ej: deep; dangerous Fricatives: is a consonant produced by forcing the breath stream through a constriction formed by articulators in the vocal tract. f: voiceless labiodental, fricative v: voiced labiodental fricative. Ø : voiceless interdental fricative ej: thing, with ? : voiced interdental fricative ej: that, wither, smooth. S: voiceless lingua alveolar fricative. ej: soap, asume, mice. Z: voiced lingua alveolar fricative. ej: nose, zipper, buzzer. ? : voiceless linguapalatal fricative ej: shoe, fishing, wish. 3: voiced linguapalatel fricative ej: vision, beige. h: voiceless glottal fricative. ej: happy, hair, head, who Affricates: is a consonant chacarterized as having both a fricative and a stop manner of production. ts: voiceless post alveolar affricative ej: chop, watch, catcher. t3: voiceless post alveolar affricative ej: job, badger, cage. Nasal: nasal refers to a consonat produced with complete closure in the oral cavity a long with a lowered velum to allow airflow trough the nasal cavity. m: voiceless bilabial nasal ej: mask, amount, calm. n: voiced post alveolar nasal ej: pin, knob. ? : voiced lingua velar nasal. ej: singer, ring.

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