Phrasal Verbs

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Los Phrasal Verbs
Tell off:
Regañar Get on: Llevarse bien
Grow up: Crecer, cultivar Bring up: Criar, educar
Take after: Parecerse a Look after: Cuidar.
Put on: Engordar Tell on: Traicionar.
Go on: Continuar, seguir Take on: Contratar.
Come on: ¡Vamos! Hold on: Espera
Have on: Quedarte con.
Nombres con sufijos:
Friendship: Amistad Relationship: Relacion
Motherhood: Maternida
Membeship: Carnet de socio.
Childhood: Infancia Partnership: Asociación
Leadership: Liderazgo Neighbourdhood: Vecindario

Long-lasting Good-looking Portuguese-speaking
Record-breaking Heart-breaking Hard-working

Determined: It's a copable person to get anything she wants.
Handfull: It's a cuantity that you can get in your hard.
Recruit: It's a person who is training to be a soldier.
A gap year: A time in what a student breaks his studier and does something different before going to the university.
Turn down: Refuse.
Cheerful: It's a happy person.
Good-looking: It's a beatiful person physically.
Reliable: It's a person you can rely on.
Honest: It's a person who always tells the truth.

Who: People Which: Things
That: People and things Whose: Posession
When: Time Where: Place.

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