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One night I had a nightmare horrible.Recuerdo it was very cold in the room where I sleep and after watching the TV I wanted to sleep, so I turned off the TV. Just close your eyes and felt a scream.
I went back to sleep again and from what I gather I think happened an hour after they heard his cry. I began to dream, I dreamed I was in a street very dark, almost only seen the street lights. And I started walking my dream, I walked and walked until I found my house, I saw it was just as I knew her.
Between there and it was all dark, there was no furniture, ... nothing, not even light or water. I started looking everywhere to see if I saw my family, but, what I saw was something that for me was terrifying.
There was a clown sitting in the living room floor, his back and as I approached him, jumped up and laughed in a very diabolical. I started to run and run, he never tired and she ran me said: -I'll kill you!
That's when I started running more and more until I could no more, and so, without more, the clown disappeared.
I woke up very frightened.

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