Literatura norteamericana

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The child who favored daughter Alice Walker / 3 person sing subjective point of view changes from daughter / somewhere in the south at the father's house, the action takes place at the front porch The whore of Mensa Woody Allen / 1 person sing participant Point of view / Kaiser Lupowitz, Word Babcock, Sherry and Flossie / Detective's office in New York Sally Isaac Asimov / 3 person participant Point of view: psychological perspective/ Sally, Jacobs Folkers, Raymond J. Gellhorn / 2057 or more (future) Rope Katherine Anne Porter / 3 person objective access to the mind / an amercian couple/ since it is a moder short story the setting is universal The blue Im playing Langston Hughes / 3 person subjective access to the mind / Antonio Bass, Dora Ellsworth, Oceola Jones, Ormond Hunter / New York (first) Paris (second) The Enormous Radio John Cheever / 1940`s lately Cat in the rain Ernest Hemingway / 3 person with access to the mind Point of view of: felling about a woman / American wife American husband The hotel owner The maid / Coast of Italy Girl Jamaica Kingcaid / point of view of a bossy mother To Elizabeth Edgar Allan Poe / Elizabeth The narrator

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