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Title:B is for Burglar.Author:Sue Grafton.Type:suspensePlot:A private investigator, Kinsey Millhone is hired to find Beverly Danziger’s sister, Elaine Boldt because she has to sign some legal papers. Nobody knows where Elaine is but there is a mysterious woman who is subletting Elaine’s house in Florida. This woman, Pat Usher may know where Elaine is. Old deaths and different clues will make Kinsey find out the truth. Context- Description:the story happens in Santa Teresa, Southern California and in Boca Raton, Florida. Kinsey has to investigate in both places to find Elaine Boldt. She contacts many people who may know where Elaine has gone to: taxi drivers, travel agencies, Elaine’s neighbours and the managers of the condominiums where she lives.
Main characters:-Kinsey Millhone:-Description: 32 years old, lives and works in Santa Teresa (Southern California), used to work in the police department, lives alone, has been married twice.-Personality:lonely person, loves her work, experienced, intelligent, intuitive, hard-worker, strong, independent.-Occupation:private investigator.-Role in the book:main character, narrator.-Beverly Danzige:-small with shiny black hair and bright eyes, well-dressed, looking for her sister, seems to be rich, she doesn’t get on well with her sister Elaine.-Dishonest, suspicious, alcoholic, crazy.-Not said.-She’s the woman who hires a private detective to find her sister.-Elaine Boldt:-Missing person, owns two apartments, one in Via Madrina (Santa Teresa) and another one in Boca Raton (Florida), 43 years old, widow.-Kind to people, loves to show she’s rich, clean, tidy, cheerful, trouble-maker, not very understanding.-She doesn’t work.-Missing person, dead woman.-Tillie Alhberg:-In her sixties, has pale-red hair and brown eyes.- kind, ironic, helpful.-Manager of the condominiums where Elaine lives.-She helps Kinsey.-Pat Usher/Martha Grice:-murderer, with bruises round her eyes, brownish-orange hair and bright green eyes., she used to be Elaine’s friend and neighbour.-Reserved, impatient, cruel, cold,dishonest, selfish.-Not said. She’s a murderer.-Julia Ochsner:-88 years old, lives next to Elaine’s house in Florida.-Funny, kind, helpful, playful, cheerful.-She doesn’t work.-She’s an old lady who likes playing private detectives and helps Kinsey.-Leonard Grice:-had a depression after his wife’s death, in his early fifties, his face is pale and thin, his eyes have an empty look, takes medicines.-Insane, depressed, coward.-Not said.-He is Martha Grice’s husband and he helps her when we find out she’s still alive.-Jonah Robb:-in his late thirties, short dark hair, smooth round face.-Nice, helpful, polite.-Policeman.-He’s the policeman who helps Kinsey to get information about Marty’s death.-Mike (Leonard Grice’s nephew):-about 17, Mohawk haircut, sells drugs.-Naughty, helpful, grateful.-He just sells drugs and he’s a burglar-He helps Kinsey and thanks to his clues she catches the murderer.-Aubrey Danziger:-tall, thin, smooth face, dark hair.-unfaithful, dishonest, hurtful, suspicious.-Bussiness man.-Beverly’s husband. He tries to make Kinsey think Beverly killed her sister.

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