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As I see it,we can do a lot of things to improve the enroment.
First of all,we should become aware of the enviromental problems to be able to resolve them.We can contaminate much less,for example we should use public transport instead of our onw cars or we can go by bicycle to work or school.
In addition to this we should recycle used paper,carton and glass,besides other things(appliances).
In spite of this,I must admit that there are people that don´t anything to resolve enromental problems because they don´t worry about this problems and they consider this problem a distant question.

In my opinion the botellon is something fun
First of all,you can socialize with people and make friends.
In addition to this,drinks in bars,pubs or discos are very expensive so if you want to save money this is the best option.
In spite of this, a lot of speacially local neighbours are against this phenomenon because they so bear the noise and rubbish that young people produce.
All in all ,the botellon is fantastic but with certain control

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