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Phrasal verbs: 1- Understandably felt I had let them down 2- He was told off for hitting 3- I was brought up by my parents 4- I had always look up to him 5- I don´t get on very well 6- I fall for him immediately 7- They´re always falling out over the silliest 8- He still hadn´t got over his divorce/// 1- when we came across an old abandoned cottage 2- would you like to come round and watch tv 3- It came up in the last lesson 4- I think I´m coming down with flu 5- If you come up with a better idea //// 1-He´s come down with a bad cold 2- If you come across my red 3- My promotion came up in the conversation 4- She´d come up with a brilliant
5- of ours came round last night //// Multiple choice: home- alone fathers (c,a,b,d,d,b,c, d,c,c,c,d,a,b,b,c)
(B refund, C order,C,A,B,D,A,D,B,D)
Transformations: 1-He has no difficulty finding new friends 2- with jerry has nothing to do with you 3- eric clapton had a strong influence on his 4-I have the strength to lift it 5- we are having the roof epaired by a friend 6- He had his tonsils taken out when 7- want to have it completed by a.. 8- The last time I spoke to her was 9- It´s been ages since he saw his sister 10- this is the biggest supermarket I have ever seen
11- Despite being able to speak fluent Russian 12- despite the fact that his behaviour has improved
13- Although she performed well, she lost the match 14- the car, despite the increase in the cost 15- they were speaking too quitly for me to 15- he was not tall enough to see over 16- there are not enough eggs make an 17-there was no need to put sugar in this 18- the bar because there was too many people
Error correction:
 The same but different (? ,than,the,more,who,? ,much,? ,? ,had,out,done,it,? ,ourselves,
it,? )
On-line shopping (one,a,to,than,there,a,are,more,their,for,how,what,on if,not,this)
Vocabulary: fall out with: to argue and stop being friendly with someone split up: to end a relationship
going out with: to have a romantic relationship get on with: to have a good relationship fell far: to fall in love
get over: to recover after the end of a relationship ///
Fussy: (exigente) Bossy: (mandon) Clumsy: (torpe) affectionate: never stops kissing ambitious: get to the top of her profession dull: a bit boring
stubborn: he wont change his mind amusing: makes you lough or smile challenging: difficult job but interesting disappointing:is not as good as you expected to be exahusted: extremely tired flowing: hair long and hangs freely irritated: someone annoyed unpleasant: not very nice

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