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adems: futhermore, besides, moreover// causa: for this reason, that is why, because (of) // because (of) noun, gerund, pronoun// so:consecuencia, so as to: finalidd// como consecencia: therefore, consequently, as a result// result: therefore,consequently, as a result//Sin embargo: however, nevertheless/Apesar dqe:although, in spite of, despite//todavia: still// even if: aunke// dado que: whereas// Igualmnt: likewise, iin the same way// En realidad: in fact, actually// despues; afterwards/ mientras tanto: meanwhile/eventually:finalmnt// until:hasta qe/ as soon as: tan pronto como// Ejempls: for instance, such as,particulary// in the first place, to begin, firstly, secondly, lastly// on the one hand, in contrast, it can also be argued that // it seems to me/

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