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at=(una ora de
terminada del dia i la the christmas, at moon, at night, at two o'clock
in=(mesos, años, staciones, parts del dia.(in two days in march, in the 21st century, in the evening
on=los dias de la semana i les fechas.(on monday. on 4th july, on saturday night.
at(at home/work at the bus stop./at the end of the street
in(in the drawer, in the garden, in paris in the mirror.
inside/outside(inside/outside the disco.
on(on the floor, on a farm, on the wall, valencia is on the river turia, on the coast, on the beach.
during(he got up during the night.
for(they haven't been abroad for five years.
from(i work from nine a.m to six p.m
since(we have been living here since 1999.
until/till(she didn't turn up until yhe next day.

-ance=abundant-abundance, elegant-elegance, extravagant-extravagance, ignoran-ignorance, important- importance, relevant-relevance.
-cy=accurate-accuracy, decent-decency,deficient-deficiency, diplomatic-diplomacy
efficient-efficiency, fluent-fluency,frequent-frequency, private -privacy, urgent- urgency.
-ence=adolescent-adolescence, coherent- coherence, competent-competence, confident-confidence,decadent-decadence,different-diference,innocent-innocence,intelligence, obedient-obedience,patient-patience,presen-presence,resident-residence,reverent-reverence,violent-violence.
-ity=complex-complexity, creative-creativity, curious-curiosity,dense-density,equal-equality,formal-formality,generous-genererosity,productive-productivity,prosperous-prosperity,regular-regularity,secure-security,similar-similarity,superior-superiority.
-ness=aggressive-aggessiveness,aware-awareness,blind-bindness,dark-darkness,deaf-deafness,happy-happiness,ill-illness,lonely-loneliness,mad-madness sad-sadness,serious-seriousness, weak-weakness

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