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First I have to say that the trip to France was a very bad(wrong) trip, because the whole world was very rude and very badly politely, secondly the rooms they were very small and dirty.
What I spend(pass) to us to my and ami friend, was that we went to the beach and almost we sink for lan so strong tide.
Good at conclusion, everything was very expensive and everything was very bad, it was a disastrous trip

First I think that... is very bad. Because it(she) is very expensive . You prop her ... I do not like much . I think that her(it) ... there is worse that... I last summer was to ... and I do not like me so much like... And ... it(he,she) has better beaches that... And .... it(he,she) has better mountains that...
About conclusion I think that ... there is much better that... Because his(her,your) landscapes with better .

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