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1)needn´t,ought to,mustn´t,need to,must,
doesn,t have to.
2)can make,can´t hear,
couldn´t renember,could speak,couldn´t,
watch,can´t play
4)1a 2b 3b 4b 5a 6a 7a5)might,
mustn´t,have to,must,can´t,can,don´t have to,
might not
6)must,might,don´t have to, have,
ought to,will,must,might
7)you must listen
carefully,joe might appear on tv,you mustn,t
go into that building,you ought to apply for a
new job,those trainers can´t be mine,

ramon can speak four languages,you
needn´t give him an expensive persent8)2d
3f 4g 5a 6c 7b
9)have forgotten,have gone,
have come,have left,have bought,have taken,
haveborrowed,have stayed
may you,had to,needs to,ought,must
3)should have bought,must have
had,can´t have been,should have arrived,
might have missed,shouldn,t have eaten

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