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She said “Be a good girl and sit quietly for five minutes and auntie will give you a sweet”
She told her to be a good girl and sit quitely for five minutes and auntie would give her a sweet

He said: “Come and see me whenever you have a few hours to spare. Don’t wait for me to ask you every time you want to come”
He told him to come and see him whenever you have a few hours to spare not to wait him and to ask him every time he wanted to come

He said: “ I haven’t had enough time to finish what I intended to do. I can do some more later on”
He said to me that he hadn’t had enough time to finish what he had invented to do and that he could do some more later on.

She said: “ I tried to ride a bicycle but I fell off three times”.
She said to me that she had tried to ride a bicycle but she had fallen off three times.

She said:” Did the greengrocer had any fresh vegetables?”. I said: “Yes”.
She asked if the greengroer had had any fresh vegetables and i answered he had.

He said: “Have the children put away their toys?” I said: “No”
He asked if the children had put away their toys and i answered they hadn’t

She said: “Does Curil wipe his feet on the mat when he comes in?” I said: “Yes”
She asked if Curil wiped his feet on the mat when he came in and i answered he did

He said: “Where has Mary put my slippers? Why can’t she leave them where I put them when I took them off?”
He asked where Mary had put her slippers and why she couln’leave them where he put them when he took them off

She said: “Who called while I was out? Did she leave a message?”
She asked who had called when he had been out and if she had left a message.

She said “I am eighteen years old. I was previously employed in a large shop in the city and my employers considered me to be very culpable”.
She said that she was aighteen years old and she had been previously employed in a large shopin in the city and her employers had considered her to be very culpable.

He is going to ask his tailor to lengthen the trousers.
He is going to ask have his trousers lengtthened

Mary doesn’t send Jane her dresses from Paris.
Jane hasn’t her dresses sent from Paris.

We must find somebody to chop all this wood.
We must have all this wood chopped.

He paid a lorry driver to take the car to the garage.
I had the car token to the garage.

I pay a window cleaner to clean my windows every week.
I have my windows cleanedevery week.

The old gypsy was telling Tom’s fortune.
Tom was having his fortune told.

Anastial has painted her portrait.
Anastial has had portrait painted.

His arm was broken, so he had...
To go to hospital to have it get.

Your roof is leaking.
You should have it repaired.


Me dijo que no intentara ser gracioso y que me portara bien.
She told to me not to try to be funny and to behave myself

¿Cuál es el mejor día para que compremos todo para la fiesta?
Which is the best day to by everything for the party?

Es el libro más interesante que he leído en mi vida.
It is the most interesting book that I have ever read

No disfruto haciendo las cosas de casa pero no puedo evitar ayudar a mi madre.
I don’t enjoy doing the household but I can’t help helping my mum.

Has cometido tantos errores que no te puedo perdonar.
You have made so many mistakes that I cannot forgie you

Tengo que tomar una decisión ahora mismo, no puedo esperar hasta mañana.
I have to take a decition now, I cannot wait for tomorrow.

Llevo estudiando tres semanas para este examen así que no tengo que repasar.
I have been studying for three weeks for this exam so I don’t have to review.

Me preguntó si sabía lo que significaba y le dije que no.
She asked me if she knew what it meant an i answered I didn’t

Si sus padres hubiesen ido con él, habría tenido alguien con quien hablar.
If her parents had gone with him, he wold have had someone who spak with.

Me apetece ir de vacaciones con mis amigos.
I like going on holidays with my ds.

Si hubiera ido a la universidad, habría comprado un ordenador.
If I had gon eto university, I would have bought a computer

Antes de contestar necesito más información.
Before answering I need more information.

No estoy acostumbrado a estudiar aunque solía hacerlo cuando era joven.
I am not used to studying althoug I used to do it when I was joung

Debería haber aprobado sus exámenes.
She should have passed her exams

Si lo hubiera intentado otra vez, habría tenido éxito.
If she had tried it again she would have been sucessful

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