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Present simple:i work in the town center a Past simple:He said that he worked in the town center.Present Continuous:im watching TV a Past Continuous:He said that he was watching TV.Present Perfect:we have been abroad a Past Perfect:They said that they had been abroad.Past simple:I met her at the cinema a Past Perfect:He said that he had met her at the cinema.Past Continuous:i was watching TV a Past Perfect Continuous:She had been watching.Can en Could.Will en Would.Must/have to en Had to.May en Might. THIS en THAT,HERE en THERE,TODAY en THAT DAY,TONIGHT en THAT NIGHT. Oraciones introducidas por that:admit, agree, claim, complain, explain, insist, promise, remid, reply, say, suggest, warn, tell.Introducidas por verbo+objeto+to+infi: advise, ask, invite, tell, warn.Introducidas por verbos en -ing: admit, accuse someone of, apologise for, insist on, recommend, suggest.-AL=arrival(llegada), survival(supervivencia), dismissal(despedida), aproval(aceptacion), disapproval(rechazo), revival(renacimiento), burial(entierro), refusal(rechazo ).-ANCE= performance(actuacion), annoyance

(molestia), assistance(ayuda), appearance(aparicion), disappearance(desaparicion), entrance(entrada), acceptance(aceptacion). -ING: meaning(significado), feeling(sentimiento), driving(conduccion), writing(esctrito), beginning(comienzo), heating(calefaccion), lodging(alojamiento). -ION=Invention(invento), discussion(debate), construction(construccion), discrimination(discriminacion), destrucction(destruccion).-MENT= Arrangement(plan), excitement(excitacion), improvement(mejorar), retirement(jubilacion), developement(desarrollo), embarrasment(verguenza), amusement(diversion).-ER= adviser(consejero), baker(panadero), preacher(predicador)-OR=collector,sailor(marinero), visitor, consellor, governor, supervisor.Phrasal verbs:look into(investigate),kept on(continued), came across(found by chance)(encontrar por casualidad), ran away(escaped), set off(began), get over(overcome)(recuperarse), run out of(finished) called off(canceled), run over(go over while driving), fall for(fall in love with), take off(remove), hand out(distribute), put up with(tolerate) , take after(resemble)(parecer a), turn down(refuse,reject), take to(get into the habit of),hold on(esperar),bring up(criar).

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