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P SIMPLE - am/are/is + pp/P CONTINUOUS - am/are/is being + pp/F (WILL) - will be + pp
FU (GOING TO) - am/are/is going to be + pp /PAST SIMPLE was/were + pp/PAST CONTINUOUS - was/were being + pp /PRESENT PERFECT - have/has been + pp ./PAST PERFECT - had been + ppFUTURE PERFECT - will have been + pp ///WILL - would/CAN- could/MUST- had to/here-there/this-that/these-those/now-then/next week- the following week/today-that day/tonigth-that nigth/tomorrow-the following day/yesterday- the dey before/last week-the wwek before
Pasiva:PRESENT SIMPLE - am/are/is + pp - Spanish is spoken here.PRESENT CONTINUOUS - am/are/is being + pp - Your questions are being answered.
FUTURE (WILL) - will be + pp - It’ll be painted by next week.FUTURE (GOING TO) - am/are/is going to be + pp - Terry is going to be made redundant next year.
PAST SIMPLE was/were + pp We were invited to the party, but we didn’t go.PAST CONTINUOUS - was/were being + pp - The hotel room was being cleaned when we got back from shopping.PRESENT PERFECT - have/has been + pp - The President of America has been shot.PAST PERFECT - had been + pp - When he got home he found that all of his money had been stolen.FUTURE PERFECT - will have been + pp - Our baby will have been born before Christmas
Redacion: I think that__has both positive and negative aspecs. I will expain in this essay. The advantages of___ are deay. Firtly__Secondly__and finally__ in addction. On the negative side, there are also sme disadvantages, firtly__. All in all, i believe that there are more advantages that disadvantages if___.Situation: invitar-> would you like to +ing./opinar-> i think you should/pedir formal -> could_please/aconsejar -> should 2nd condit
sugerir -> Should we + inf; LEt's + inf; Could
gracias -> thank's
1- If + V.INF, --- will + (SEGU si es compleix cond)
Unlles Canvi estruc (presente---futuro)
2-If + ed/P.simp ---- Would,(might,could) (poc probable)
Unless canvi estruct (PresenteHIPOTET--futuro)
3-(IF had + ed/pasat)---Would have ed/past (ImPossible) 

help----are helped
are helping----- are being helped
helped----- were helped
will help----- will be helped
have helped--- HAVE BEEN HELPED
should helped--- should be helped
were helping--- WERE BEING HELPED
had helped--- Had been helped
must have helped--- MUST HAVE BEEN HELPED
have to help ---- have to be helped
are going to help--- are going to be helped.
ask for/ pedir/break away/ separarse/break down/ averiarse/break into/ introducirse en/break off/ partir/break out/ estallar/break up/ separarse/bring up/ educar/call of/ cancelar/call on/ pasar a /care about/ preocuparse p
call up/ llamar por telefo/carry on/ continuar/catch on/ tener exito/catch up on/ ponerse al dia/check in/ facturar el equipaje/clean up/ limpiar arreglar/come across/ dar con casual/come apart/ deshacer/come back/ regresar/come down/ bajar/come over/ venire/come up with/ proponer/count on/ contar con/cut down/ reducer/cou off/ cortar/deal with/ tartar/ress up/ vestirse bien/end up/ acabar/feel like/ apetecer/feel up to/ sentirse capaz/figure out/ compreder/fill in/ rellenar/find out/ descubrir/fit in/ encajar/get ahead/ progresar/get away with/ escaparse/get back/ volver/get by/ arreglarselas/get down/ bajarse/get hold of/ cogerse/get in/ entrar/get on/ llebarse bien/get off/ vajarse de /ter out of/ librarsede /get over/ reponerse/get together/ reunirse
get up/ levantarse/give away/ revelar delatar/give back/ devolver/given in/ darse por vencid/give out/ repartir
give up/ dejar abandoner/go along/ ir con/go off/ marcharse/go on/ continuar/go out/ salir/go throuogh with/ llevar puesto/grow up/ criarse/hang up/ colgar/hang out/ pasar el rato/hold up/ levanter/join in/ tomar parte/keep off/ mantenerse alejado/Make-/friends/hacer dinero/money/hacer dinero/a decision/tomar una decisión/fun/burlarse/moise/ruidoDo-/nothing/nada/job/un trabajo/well/bien/someone/ un favor/Take/a risk/un riesgo/advance/consejo/a taxi/coger un taxi/care/tener cuidadoHave-/an accident/a haircut/cortarse el pelo/a prosier/ un problema/a party/hacer una fiesta/fun/ pasarlo bien/Out-/work out/encontrar una sol/run out of/quedarse sin/stand out/ destaca//stand out/tener cuidado/ser out/enpezar un

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