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  stess situaction.
going to t e dntist
kuing in t e suprmarkt
bing stuck in a trafic jam
going to t e airdrssr
finding a plac to park
organising a party
aving an intrview
making a spx
to b afraid of flying
making a prsntation to snior executivs
lading a formal mting
tlp oning in englis
writing a rxt wit a tig t dadlin
ngotiating a vry valuavl contract
asking your boss for a pay ris
daling wit a customr w o was as a major complaint.
to get lost
on the sale period
in exams periods
in the first date
High level of stress.
smoke a lot
lose your hair
your hearts beats quikly
bite their nails
sweating propisely
eat lot of sweets-comer mucho dulce
dont eat al all
to relax
playing sport
having a bath
listening to music

               keys for Successful mk
good creative campaign
good mk communications
- rearching the right
- clear mk messages
- working well whit sales team
customer orientation
- what customer orientation
- when they want it
- at the right price
- in a way that's profitable
the mk compaign.failed /didn't work- fracasar
purchase - compra
go up/increase-subieron /incrementaron
keep up - aguantar/mantener
roll out/ to develop - desarrollar
wide range of product-amplia gama de prd.
1 which group do you belong to ?
2 how old are you?
3 from these detergent brands,which one do you prefer?
4 how often do you buy detergent?
5 how much do you usually spend on detergent?
6 what kind of supermarkets do you buy in?
7 do you usually buy the same type of deterg.?
8 when selecting detergent , do you take in to account the proize or its efficiency?
9 How much detergent do you use during the month?
d ead live /work ahe lic/workload/ life estyle / flexitime

research - investigación de mdo. // launchlanzamiento de .
segment - segmento de mcdo. // life cycle - ciclo de vida
share - cuota de mdo. // range- gama de productos
behavlour-comport de cons. // repoch - informe de ventas
profile-perfil del consumid. // campaign- campañ publ.
goods - consumo de prod. //budget-presupuesto publi.
LETTER - mail
In reply to / en respuesta a
following our phone
i'm writing to enquire about..estoy encantado de confirmar su solicitud sobre..
this letter is to thank you..
would you please ..estaria encantado de reservarle..
could you please tell me..
i attach two files
i enclose a copy of..
i'm afraid ,i will not be able to ..
i apologize for the delay..te pido disculpas por la demora.
please contact me again if you need any more inform.
let me know if you need anything else
i look forward to welcoming you - encantado de recibirle
hoping to see you soon


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