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The big bottle is a meeting of a lot of people in the city centres at night.This phenamenon brought up in spanish cities, and now english young people meet in these cities at night too.The governments can´t stip this phenamenon and they allow young people to meet at sportscentres or they block several streets in the city centre.I'm for the big bottle because it's a way that allows young people to forget exams and they can talk to friends.But I think this is a problem,alcoholic drinks.In my opinion, governments should send several policemen in the big bottle in order to avoid problems with drink young people.This is a party where hundreds of young people enjoy being with their friends and meet other people.
The big bottle has a lot of disadvantages: In the city centre a lot of neighbours are at
honie and while young people drink, these people are triying to sleep.This phenamenon leaves the city centre full of rubbish, and I think the governments could set sweepers to clean the cities.At the end, In my opinion about this topic, is for,cause young people need to have fun and to forget their problems about exams and other problems.

-Creer al pie de la letra =>
Take it with a pinch of salt.-Contestar de malos modos => Bit my head off. -Me comeré mis palabras => I'll eat my hat.- jugartelas todas a una carta => put all your eggs in one basket. -Quiere tenerlo todo => to have her cake and eat it. -No abarques mas de lo que puedes => bite off more than you can chew. -Flojo => a couch potato. -Es muy facil => a piece of cake. -Alimento para el alma => food for thought. -Vendiendo como rosquillas => selling like hot cakes. -No me gusta => not my cup of tea
Bring: on(provocar),in(ganar),forward(adelantar la fecha),down(reducir),up(empezar a discutir),back(devolver).
Put: up with it(soportar,aguantar),up(construir),it out(apagar)it off(aplazar,posponer),forward(proponer)me down(humillar/colgar )

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