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-My favourite TV series is called 'Moon, the mystery

of Calenda.' It's a series full of mistery, love and action.

This series is shown Wednesday at 22.30 pm in Antena3.

-As in almost every episode is full moon, the protagonist

becomes a werewolf. The civil guard invistigate the strange

events that happen in Calenda.

My favourite characters are Joel and Leire.Because they are

the main characters of the series and I think that if they weren't

,it wouldn't be the same. Joel is the werewolf and Leire is a girlfriend,

they make a lovely couple.

-All in all, I'd recommend this series became it's for young people

and it's interesting. Personally, I think it's a series that isn't boring.

Because every time something new happens.

It's a series that makes you lagh, at times you get too nervous,you

get excited.

I recommend that you see it and should follow it, you will like it.


-One of my favourite film is 'un día inesperado'.

This film I saw this past Saturday afternoon with

my parents.

-The film is about the true feeling of love. This film

is a comedy of love. The protagonist doesn't know

how to show that love with his girlfriend. But fate will

give him a chance to show you his love to her, and that

his girlfriend had to die in a car accident. At the end she

knows what she feels her boyfriend and who dies in the

 accident is he.

-My review of this movie is positive, because I liked it.
To be a romantic comedy teaches you lessons you can

learn with your partner. I recommend this movie to all my

friends to see it. I'm sure that they would like the film!

Present Simple->watch (active)/is watched(passive)

Present Continuous->are creating/are being created

Past Simple->switched/was switched

Past Continuous->were showing/was being shown

Present Perfect Simple->have written/has been written

Past perfect Simple->had borrowed/had been borrowed

Future->will film/will be filmed

Modal Verbs->should ban/should be banned










Deal with->trata de(are about)

Switch off->encender(turn off)

Turn off->bajar(decrease)

Turn over->cambiar(change the channel)





very high:muy alto

slightly:un poco




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