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the global village:the world has become one a big market,but this globalisation has not led to the disappearance of differences between the countries of the world.Rich countries are dominated by the consumer society and economic welfare,the poor countries are subjet to the consequences of their poverty:famine,disease...//the negative consequences of technology and economic globalisation,people and cultures are becoming less differentiated and hybrids arise.//the UN is an important defender of human and national rights,but this organisation has limited power because real decisions are taken by a powerfull few.// the fall of the Socialist Bloc and the end of the Cold War however , antago- nism and armed conflic,power struggles,corruption,inter-ethnic fighting continue.the only viable alternative is sustainable development. consequences of september 11th:after the attack the US obtained from the UN recognition of its right to attack anywhere in the world where american interests were threatened,proceeded to invade afganistan in 2001.//in this region,some oil interests were controlling an oil pipeline that crosses Afghanistan,it would be easier and cheaper for multinational companis to obtain and transport oil from nearby deposits.//by 2002 the US was already turning its attention to Iraq as the next part of the axis of evil and pressing for new military action.however,the UN conside -red such action unjustified;the US plan for a war faced opposition from some of its European allies and hesitation within NATO.the right of citizens:in the 1789,at the start of the French Revolution,power in stages across Europe belonged to the monarchies. the right of citizens were first proclamed as revolutionary slogans: Fraternity,Liberty and Ecuality.thus began the era of democracy.the UN:the two world wars that devastated Europe in the 20th century led to a profund identity crisis.the US of America emerged as a new great power. //when World War II ended in 1945,fifty countries,to create a supranational organisation called the United Nations in order to ensure that the horrors of the two world wars would not be repeted.//the president of the US,Roosevelt,and the British Prime Minister,Winston Churchill,were among its proponents.Roosevelt and Churchill wanted to create a system for peaceful international cooperation.theuy would create a new worldwide organisation to promote peace, avoid another world war, and encourage cooperation between countries to resolve their differences.

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