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This year she is not going to think about the music./ I am going to spend more time with my family./ Are they going to work together?/ When is going Bryan to contact with the television channels?/ Metal Axel aren't going to go of tour in december./ He is going to change her image/ I am gnot going to travel around the word/ Are they to record a new Cd?^/ they are going to write dance music/ After school I going to make the homewoork./ The building are more modern in Woodstock than in London/ Steve is more good looking than jim/ This city is bigger than Valencia/This girl is more intelligent that Ann/ These computer games are more enjoying/ it is the noisiest city of the word/ The most famous building is called torre eiffel/ This city has got the biggest stadium of the word/ the most popular thematik park or great Britain is atton powers/ the worst equipament in spain is./ Dn has worked outdoors/ You have never walked on this beach/ You have been very kind and patient/ They have had nightmare in the past/ Has she ever been a difficult situation? /Have they spoken with a police officer? / Have you ever travelled to oder contruies? / I haven't swim in the sea at night/ She hasn't seen a shark/ They haven't felt afrain in the dark/ Have you got a shelf in your room?/ She hasn't any photos on the table/ You need three cans, some string and some paint/ A lot of parents helped us/ Is there any box with a red t-shirt/ Do you buy many magazines or comics?/In sudan the people don't much money/ Does he use much paper?/ How many rubbish do the thow every year?/ She always uses much paper/ There aren't many problems/ There are some apear ideas/ Has she got some money?/ Can the disables be part of the society?/ The people speak generally when you are two years old/ I could touch the ears to me with the toes/ Could he read when it was 5 years old?/ He can wake money with his paintings/ At the outset it couldn't do it/ You should read the poster/ She shouldn't walk with her dog the beach/ They mustn't swim when there is red flog/ He must take sun block.

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