Examen libro 1 ( the fox)

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Once upon a time, a fox who lives in a little forest near a big city, was sleeping under a tree.Suddenly she woke up because she had heard a lot of noises. She got up and she went to investigate what was happening.She saw a big machine destroying everything: trees,plants,...The fox, frightened, decided to life in another place.The nearest was the city, so she went there.She was there some days, searching a good place to live and one day she decided to stay in the garden of a big house but a couple of days after a little girl called March, who lived in the house found her and she told to his father, who works in the zoo.When Henry ( March's father ) saw the fox he bring her to the zoo.There the veterinary visited and recovered her, and when they had finished they put her in the best place,a terrarium as seemed as posible to her forest,living with more foxes.

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