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Present Simple - walk/Walks  | don´t wal/ doesn´t walk   | Do you walk?

Present Continious - I´m walking  | I´m not walking  | Am I walking?

Past Simple - I walked  | I didn´t walk  | Did you walk?

Past Continious - I was walking | I wasn´t walking | Was I walking

Present Perfect : She´s (they´ve organized) done sponsored walks. She hasn´t finalized the plans. They haven´t raised enough money. | Have you ever done a sponsored swim?

Down, out of, up, round, under, through, away from, across, over, into, towards, along

Bajar, fuera de, arriba, alrededor, debajo, atravesar, alejarse de, a traves, - hacia, a lo largo de

When - past simple / While - past Continious´

Comparative : The Great Pyramid is older than the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is more beautiful than the Great Pyramid.   Superlative : It is the biggest pyramid in the world. The Taj Mahal the most famous monument in India. What is the best monument in your town?  || We were too late. My burger was(wasn´t) big enough for two people. The Statue of Libery was OK but it wasn´t exciting enoght for me.

New York is (NOT) as famous as London . Quick- rapido. Careful - cuidadoso Noisy - Ruidoso Hard - duro Fast - Rapido

Frighten- Asustado / Bore - aburrido / Surprise - sorpresa / tire - ajetreado / excite / worry - preocupante / annoy- molesto / interest - interesante

Be- was,were/ become-became/ begin-began/buy-bought/catch-caugth/dream-dreamt/fall-fell / feed-fed/ feel-felt/fight-fought/ fly-flew/find-found/forget-forgot/ forgive-forgave/get-got/give-gave/grow-grew/have-had/hear-heard/hide-hid/hold-held/keep-kept/know-knew/learn-learnt/leave-left/lend-lent/lose-lost/make-made/mean-meant/meet-met/pay-paid/ring-rang/run-ran/say-said/see-saw/sell-sold/shake-shock/shine-shone/show-showed/sing-sang/sit-sat/sleep-slept/speak-spoke/spend-spent/stand-stood/steal-stole/swim-swam/take-took/teach-taught/tell-told/think-thought/throw-threw/undestand-unserstood/wake-woke/wear-wore/win-won/write-wrote.

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