English Vocabulary 1

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23. Hand grenade: a small container filled with explosive and thrown by hand; granada24. Hypocrite: a person who pretends to believe or feel something they do not; hipócrita 25. Inquest: the official inquiry to find out the cause of someone's death ; investigación26. Lawn: an area of short, regularly cut grass in a garden or park ; césped27. Lipstick: something which women put on their lips to color them ; lapiz labial28. Liquor store: a shop that sell liquor (alcohol) ; tienda de licores29. Machine gun: a gun which fires bulletd quickly and automatically ; metralleta30. Maid: a woman servant ; criada31. Mainland: the main part of the land, not an island ; continente32. Make-up: things like powder, lipstick, eye-shadow, etc. which women use on their face ; maquillaje33. Mourning: showing great sadness and wearing dark clothes because of someone's death ; de luto34. Movie (the movies): a film (a cinema) ; película35. Mugging: a street robbery ; lanzazo36. Nursery: a children's room ; guardería37. Omelet: adish of cooked eggs ; tortilla francesa38. Package: a parcel ; paquete39. Parking-lot: a car park ; estacionamiento40. Pier: a platform of wood and metal, built out into the sea ; muelle41. Pill: a small, round, hark piece of medicine which is swallowed ; píldora42. Press: to push hard against something ; presionar43. Princess: the daughter of a king and quieen, or the wife of a prince ; princesa44. Psychiatrist: a doctor for illnesses of the mind ; psiquiatra45. Pump (v): to force liquid, air, etc. into or out o f something ; bombear

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