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2.a .People will have a different opinion about /attitude to(wards)Afghanistan if /when /after they visit this exhibition.
b.They cannot /won ’t /will not see it because it is not safe /secure.
3.a.Vandals stole Afghanistan ’s cultural treasures.
b.The French have been doing archaeological work in Afghanistan for a long time.
4.a.In Afghanistan they have had chaos and civil war recently.Also they do not have much security or education.
b.The exhibition is good because people will have a better opinion of Afghanistan when they see the beautiful treasures.Also,the museum will give one euro for education in Afghanistan for every ticket they sell.
5.I think that we can learn a lot from museums, because we can see the real things people used in their houses a long time ago,and also the crowns and gold objects that kings and queens had.In this way we can learn how they lived.Exhibitions are interesting because they show us old or modern cars, paintings,coins and stamps.Some exhibitions are good for learing because they are interactive and you can learn about science,plants,machines and so on.££££££££££££
2.a.She couldn ’t remember anything /she had forgotten everything (that had happened).
b.There has never been a more popular mystery writer.
3.a.She invented games because she was bored /because she wanted to be busy /occupied.
b.When she was 24,she married Archie Christie /When she married Archie Christie she was 24 (years old).
4.a.She wrote novels,especially detective novels, short stories and screenplays.
b.She was different because she never went to school, she was very shy and she wrote a lot of popular books. So she was very famous,and her books have been translated into many languages.
5.I think that most people want to be rich and famous, but when they get what they want,they always want more,so they are never completely happy.For example,Marilyn Monroe was rich and famous,but she was very sad and killed herself.This is probably because there is always somebody who has more fame or money than them.We should be happy and satisfied with the things we have because,as the Buddhists say, it is desire that makes us sad.
2.aIt had changed colour from white to grey so it looked dirty.
b.When you looked up your neck began to hurt /People ’s necks hurt because they looked up.
3.a.I was excited because I didn ’t know where we were /I was going.
bIf his grandmother had been in the house,it wouldn ’t have seemed strange.
4.a)Tom invented this story about the circus and told it to the teacher at school because he didn ’t want to believe that his grandmother was dead and that he would never see her again.
b)Tom ’s family is small.We only know he has a grandmother and a father.He is probably a good father because he took them to the circus at the weekend.He had a grandmother who liked reading books,but now she is dead,because she isn ’t in her room.
5.The last time I gave someone a great surprise was last year,when I invited all my sister ’s friend to a birthday party,which I organised in a cafeteria.One of her friends plays the guitar in a group,who gaveus a fantastic concert,and we all danced to the music. We covered her eyes and then took her into the room. Finally,we all shouted “Happy Birthday ” and the band began to play.She didn ’t know anything about it and she screamed,of course!
2.a.Children do not get such good marks at school as (they did)before.
bHis family was broken and ruined because his parents had separated.
3.aAlthough he had no criminal record, he was suspected of stealing the car.
bYou cannot separate video games from other forms of entertainment.
4.aVideo games consume your time and consume your mind.If they are violent,sometimes people imitate them in the real world and cause problems for themselves and other people like in the text.Players also become less sociable and their marks at school become worse.
bIf you come from a broken home you may become more violent:Devin ’s parents had separated.Also,if he hadn ’t been arrested he wouldn ’t have killed the policemen.
5.Parents should help their children to make friends so they are not lonely.They should teach them children to fill their free time with activities like sports,music and languages.Also,if the children do some housework,like making their beds or washing their clothes,they will not have enough time for video games.Parents should talk to their children more,and finally they should share their time with their children,and do some activities together,like going on holiday.

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