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At a restaurant:-Can I take your order?-Sorry,I haven't made up my mind yet.-Oh, OK. I'll go first. What's the soup of the day?-It's mushroom soup.-OK, I'll have the soup to start, followed by the chiken, please.-Fine. Anything to drink?-Just water,please.-Sparking or still?-Sparkling, please.-Fine. And have you decided yet?-Yes, I have. I'll have the tomato and avocado salad to start, followed by the vegetable lasagne.-And to drink?-Orange juice, please.-OK, I'll bring your drinks shortly.

At the docotor's:-Hello, Dan. What's the problem?-I've got earache.-When did it start?-Three days ago.-Let me have a look...Ah, yes, you've got an infection. Have you taken any medication for it?-Just some painkillers.-OK. I'll prescribe some antibiotics. Take them three times a day. Come back and see me again when you've finished them.-OK. Thank you, doctor.

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