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Evolution:Gradual changes and development of a specie.
Extinction:Permanent loss of all menbers of a specie.Gene Pool:a set of genes,it includes the mutations selected for in the process of natural selection.Mutations:are sudden changes to chromosomes or genes.It occur during meiosis,so that the mutated chromosome or gene is inherited by the offspring.Species:group of organisms that have a set of common genes and can reproduce between them . Reproductive isolation: differents mechanisms that avoid the reproduction between the organism of a specie .Adaptative radiation: when some species have the same ancestor and they have develop from that ancestor in separate way,adapting to diferent enviroments of species. Natural selection:is the process through which Darwin and Wallace suggested in their theory that evolution takes place.Phenotype:an organism's physical make-up,as determined by its genes and enviromental influences.Genotype:an organism's genetic make-up.Population:a group of species that have different genes and can reproduct between then.Inherited or genetic variation :the characteristics that you acquired during your life dont pass into your offspring/similarities that we inherit from our natural parents
.Genetic inheritence or gene heredity:pass of genes to other of the same species .Intra specific competition:it occur when the competition is between animals or plants of the same species(inside).Inter specific competition:when the competition ocurr between animals out of the species.They compete to be better adapted on the enviroment.

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