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*Hello small devils, what do you want?

My friends and I, we were scaring the people and throwing eggs to the houses that were not giving us sweets. We were going to ask for sweets for all the houses of the zone*We were to sleeping in the park and were telling histories of fear. Yesterday I was buying sweets and decorations to adorn my house, the sweets already almost do not stay, the good thing is that the decorations even remain*Good . sorry for having jabbered on so much, where I was? Oh yes, your sweets they are all those that I still have

*But, firstly you have to sing
*It would do a lot of illusion to myself
*Take your sweets
*Hello boys, what are you?
*have you scared?

*I to your age, also was going of house in house asking for sweets, but, in my times the people not worm a lot of money to buy them therefore they were not giving us many things We were disguising ourselves as animals, beings who were giving etc . so the fright was even major, *jajajaja,*I remember that one year, we won, my friends and I a contest of the best, disguises, even we go out for the television!! That good recollections, good that I jabber on and do not stop the one that you wanted?

*I will give you a good advance, ¡ take !
*Your wellcome
*That you pased it to yourselves well
*Hello boys, to enter, do not be afraid it is not to spend anything to you
*Not, not, calm, don’t worry, here I have sweets for you, I was waiting for you, yes to you
*Enter, come with me
*I found you, do not flee, I you am going to cut the neck
*Of me you don’t fleeing, I know where you live
*Where are you? I will find you
*Im inocent, I dont to do nothing
*I haven’t do nothing
.*you will not get rid of my so easly
*Of you me will not suck yourselves so easily
Ja, ja, ja, pum

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