Computers in the future

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the technological improvements are producing are producing an explosive change in computer hardware and software. PCs are now coming in different shapes, sizes and prices: the desktop or classical computer ( with separate monitor, keyboard,cpu and mouse) and portable designs such as the ultra fast notebooks, the ultra thin laptos and the ultra small palmtops. also, the variety of software is infinite: there are programs for education, entertainment, business, professions, and every field you can imagine.


the computers of the future will interact with us because they will recognize our voices, handwriting, and faces. they will also understand our gestures. also, they will  predict situations and look for solutions. how? they will learm by trial and error and adjust their own programing. they will simulate weather conditions, environmental dangers, traffic jams, health risk and many other circumstance. today, PCs include interactive television, telephone and video tranmision. scientists see a eolrd with no limits to storage space, processing power and transmission capacity.

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