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Dear Sir/Madan,
I am writing to complain about the weekend theatre minibreak to London which i booked on 3rd January and which my wife and I went on from 18th-19th January. I was not at all happy with the service we received.
Firstly, your advertisement states that accommodation in London is in a four-star hotel. The hotel where we stayed was perfect. Our advertisement also states that the train tickets were 1st class and there were not, there were 2nd class. Secondly, your advertisement also states that the hotel is whitin one kilometre of the west end. in fact, it was five kilometres away.
Moreover, we had been told that breakfast would be included in the package. When we went down to breakfast on Sunday morning, we were told we would have to pay extra for it. The bill for breakfast came to 18.30 euros.
I therefore request a refund both of the cost of the hotel room for one night or another mini-break.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
yours faithfully,
Charles Dawkins

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