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*Plan to do later?Dowstairs in the living room, Dorian saw Basil's coat and bag and hid them in a cupboard later he planed burn this things. then he sat down at is writing desk and wrote a note to a scientist.
happened next?Dorian called his personal servant from the kitchen and sent to Campbell's house witch, the letter next Campbell arrived and hour later and the spoke about the death of Basil.
persuade.Campbell to help him?Dorian he told to a scientist Campbell that he knew that it was wrong and he was very penitent and them he told that is was his secret but he diden't help me, he told this to people.
do after.Camp.left the house?Dorian went upstair to the old study, opened the door and looked inside.there was a strong smell of chemicals, but the body wasn't there.He put the cloth over the picture again and smiled with satisfactiOn.
*A stranger man..?the man was wearing blue clothes and he had tattoos on his arms.He looked like a sailor.Suddenly, the man caugth dorian and pushed him against a wall. The man had a pistol in his hand.
James vane going to do?Because he knew his were her Prince charming, he was looking for him and he heard out old woman said he name,prince charming. the could said what you liked, it didn't stop hi,. Dorian had one minute to tought about his like and them James killed him.
Prince Charming?He convinced James because he said that he diden't wasn't he because eighteen years ago, he was a small child, he saw Dorian under a street light.
Dorian again(no)Because James went with dorian under a street light and looked at his face. He was shorked he waS a young man. Its imposible that he was sibyl's Prince Charming

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