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atmosphere:is the gaseus layer surrounding the earth hidrosphere:is the whole set of waters existing on our planelithosphere:is the solid outer part of eartcontinents:are large surface land masses,surrounded by oceans and seas oceans:is great masses of salt waterequator:is the parallel one 0 and the big circle dividing the north of the southtropic of cancer:it is the line that is to the north of the equator for áfrica and america of the southtropic of crapicorn:is the line to the North of the equator on the part of america of north and the north part of africamap:is the representationof the earthscale:it is the maps reflect earth`s surface in limited waytopographic map:provide information about forms of land relief adove all thematic map:give information about one specific aspect compass:establishes the cardinal directionkey:indicates the subject of the mapintertropical zone:it is the zone situated between the tropic of cancer and tropic of crapicorn,where the climate is warntemperate climates:climate that is neither hot nor clodwarn climates:it is a climate not too hotcold climates:it is the climate of the cold placessavannait`s a kind of vegetation with grass and bushes and a few trees rain forest:it`s the jungle but there is less variety of plants and lees treeszone frigid:is a place on a map with a line around itpolar:is part ot the world are north those areas that lie around the polar north polecand south polerain forest:is found in areas near the equatorsavana:are wide areas of land cavered with few trees
tropical:the tropical parts of the world are those areas that lie hetweer the tropics of cancer and the crapicournherarchicl society:a society divided into groups which were crearly differentassyria:it is the northem region of mesopotamiatha code of hammurabi:it is the one of the earliest codes of law we knowakkad:it is the region located in the south of msopotamia sargon:he was a king who conquered the sumerian cities and faunded the akkadiam empirebabylon:it was a city that achived hegemony an founded a durable empireborter:it is to say that people exchanged some products for othersziggurant:it is tem ples buit an a tower of sweral stangesscribe:civil servant who specialised in regustering laws and in writing and commer cial translactionrelief:sculptural that can be supporte by two pillars vault:arched structure which convers the space between two walls orseveral pillorsenli:was a gool of the atmosphere and protector of humansupper and lawer egipt:egypt was dividied into reguionsi upper egipt part north an lawer egipt àrt south pharaoh:king memna was the first pharaoh.they had got tha po wermummy:the egiptions put the sarcophagus in tombs,and to mbs were in piramidshypogea :later on othertupers of tombs ca lles hyoigear were built these were tombs exavate dinside a mountain

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