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1.what is nick's favorite color? =
it's purple 2 .where is ricky from ? = he's from london 3.what's your nationality 4.what is sara's favorite band? no doubt old is amy ? = she is 12 years 6.who is nick's favorite singer? = ricky marti 7) what is sara's e-mail address
1.what's are your name? 2.where are you from? old are you? 4.what's your nationality? 5.what's your favorite band // who's your favorite singer? do you spell that? 7.what's your favorite color 8.what's e-mail address?
EVER PREGUNTAS PREGUNTAS CON EVER CON TOBE you ever go to school by car? 1.IS he ever late for school? you ever go swimming on saturdays?
2.are they ever in vermont in august?
3. does she ever listen to the radio before school?
3.are you ever nervous?
4. does he ever forget his homework?
4.are you ever
5 PREGUNTAS CON EVER JUNTO AUN VERBO1)do you ever clean the table? 2)does he ever go ut with friends?
3)does she ever cat in our house? 4)do I EVER draw picture in class?
1).don't /my /live/school /near/
I 2).weekends /are /bored /you/on /ever?
idon't live near my school
* you ever bored on weekends ?
ever/you/does/homework/your/do/mother/? 4)cats/friend/has/my/a/dog/teo/and
* does your mother ever do you homework my friend has adog and two cast
5)GAmes/am/usually/ I /before/nervous 6) often/bed/do/music/in/listen/to//you/?
IAM usually nervous before dames do you often listen to music bed

CONPLETARLOS ESPACIOS EN BLANCOS1).my mother (COLLECTS) teddy bears 2)EVA (HAS) two brothers and a siter
3)we (DON'T HAVE) a dog 4) (DO YOU HAVE) my pen?5)when(DOES) sabrina go to bed
formar ORACIONES CON VERBOS1)you brush your teeth after breakfast 2)you play soccer after school
3)I go to bed at nine o'clock 4)you clean your room every day
5)you take the dog for a walk in the morning

1) IAM always late to school 2)you are a f ten bored
llego siempre tarde a la escuela tu amenudo estas aburrido
3)you are usually nervous 4) IAM never hungry
TU usualmente estas nervioso Nunca TENGO hambre
5 oraciones con ABVERVIOS
1.I usually get up at about 7.00 2.I sometimes go to school by bus 3).I Always have lunch at school 4.) I often go out with friends after school 5) I usually get home at 3.30ordenar lalabras 2.history 3.geography 5.disend tecnologhy

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