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Hello, my name's Alba. I'm seventeen years old, and I live in Tavernes, at my house with my family.
Phisicaly, I am tall. I have long blond wavy hair, and my eyes are blue. I'm very sociable and hardworking, but a little impatient. My hobby is the dancing. I like to go partyng with my friends and dancing at the disco.
I have a sister, her name is Miriam and she's thirteen.
My parents name's are Carmen and Jordi. My mother is a beautician, and my father is a lorry driver.
I have a pet dog called Duque, he is five months old. Is very pretty, small and playful.
This is my little family.
Dear Estefania:
Hi my friend! How are you!?I haven't written sooner because I didn't have any time.I'm writing to tell you about the trip to London. I went with my classmates. It was the best trip that I have gone on in my life!
We went to visit BigBen and a lot of museums. One day we went shopping, and I bought a present for you! I will give you the present when you come here to visit me.
Sorry, but I have to go!
Write soon , I miss you!Love , ALBA!

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