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Present Pasive
1. Argentina preoduces a lot of beef.
A lot of beef is produced in Argentina.
2. Does Valencia grow the best oranges?
Are the best oranges grown in Valencia?
3. China manufactures lots of plastic toys.
Lots of plastic toys are manufactured in China.
4. Doesn't Scotland make the best whisky?
Isn't the best whisky made in Scotland?
5. Britain imports large quantities of tea.
Large quantities of tea are imported into Britain.
6. England doesn't produce much wine.
Not much wine is produced in England.
7. Saudi Arabia exports large quantities of oil.
Large quantities of oil are exported from Saudi Arabia.
8. Spain exports lots of olives.
Lots of olives are exported from Spain.
9. Does Europe imports lots of electrical goods?
Are lots of electrical goods imported into Europe?

1. Some old laws will be changed next year.
2. The Euro was introduced in many European countries some years ago.
3. Will British football fans be banned from the match next month.
4. You will be asked to work more hours during the sales next month.
5. Some people were surprised by the film, which came out in 2003.
6. We won't be paid before the end of next week.
7. was anyone injured in the train crash last night?
8. I wasn't invited to their wedding last Saturday.
9. Will they be met al the airport when they arrive?
They weren't asked any questions in yesterday's quiz.

1.Many new houses have been built recently,
2. A new shopping mall had been opened this year.
3. The old paint factory hadn't been knocked down before they built the new one.
4. The promised multi-storey car parks had been finished yet.
5. Had the hospital been modernised when you started work there?
6. Had those houses been repainted since the elections?
7. A big park had been planned but was never built.
8. The road was already finished when they realised the trams linies hadn't been cleaned this month.
9. The club had been warned about the bomb minutes before it exploded.


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