Activa-pasiva y connectors

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Activa-pasiva(to be+pp)
Present simple:is/r+pp
Present cont:is being+pp
Past simple:was/were+pp
Past cont:was/were+being+pp
Prest perf:have/has+been+pp
Past perf:had+been+pp
Future:will be+pp
Is/r going to be+pp

Contrast:although,even although,in spite of,
despite,however,yet,nevertheless,on the other hand.
Purpose:to,in order to,so as to,so that(modal).
Reason:because,as,since,owing to,due to,
on account of,because of.
Result:so(adj)that,such a(adj,sust)that,so much,
therefore,as a result,so many,consequently.
Example/add info:for instance,such as,besides,
furthermore,moreover,in addition to(sust).

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