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WHO=personal;WHICH=cosa;that=da igual;WHOSE=cuyo;WHERE=se utiliza para referirse a lugares.ACTIVA A PASSIVA:PRESENTE SIMPLE:They produce a lot of wine in Spain-->A lot of wine is produced in Spain.My parents often paint the rooms-->My parents are often painted by my parents PASADO SIMPLE DE ACTIVA A PASIVA:The built the Twin Towers in the 1970-->The Twin Towers were built in the 1970.||Columbus discovered America-->America was discovered by Columbus.
COMPARATIVOS:comparativo-->er superlativo-->est
Adjetivos de dos silabas o mas se forma el comparativo con more+adj y en superlativo must+adj
Adjetivos irregulares:good-better-best;bad-worse-worst;much/many-more-most;little-less-least:far-farther/further-farthest-furthest

It isn´t interesting-it´s fascinating.It isn´t a book.It´s the film of the year You´ll find"the pirates of the caribe"with Jonhy Depp in every good film shop for only $25.99.It´s isn´t just good-it´s the best!You´ll love it.

On Saturday nights.I usually go out with my friends.We goin to some bar,to have a drink and to have dinner at a olcal pub,but if we do not feel like it we are go to some house and watch a movie and buy things and we stay there.Other times we are go to the cinema,to a park...And then when the time comes,we go home to sleep!

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